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Decorative Recycling Bins

Indoor Decorative Recycling Containers

Recycling is a great way to keep our planet beautiful, but if you have the right recycling container, it could also transform your property into a more cohesive, stylish, and inviting place to do business. Thanks to our extensive range of decorative recycling containers, Trashcans Unlimited will never make you choose between form and function. Our receptacles achieve the best of both worlds, with custom features and stylish details integrated into every sturdy, hygienic, and high-capacity design.

If you're not sure where to start, choose a shape that works for your space. Metal cubes fit right into a modern, minimalist lobby, while half-round cans save space in tight quarters and appear to blend into the wall. If you need a seamless addition to your outdoor dining space or wood-paneled office, we even offer faux wood bins with matching planters, trash cans, and ashtrays. Our finishes, decals, and cut-outs give you plenty of room to customize your one-of-a-kind receptacle. Perforated steel cans feature a variety of different shapes and patterns, all of which maximize your ventilation while complementing your unique style. Meanwhile, customers and employees will immediately recognize each recycling category, thanks to decal options that range from silk-screened words to laser-cut pictures and symbols.