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Indoor Trash Cans Buying Guide



How to Buy an Indoor Trash Can

Looking for the Right Commercial Indoor Trash Cans?

Indoor trash cans enable a safe, clean, and hazard-free space. In the modern era of environmental targets and health and safety regulations, it is important that a business chooses the right trash cans for the right places. Bigger isn’t always the best option, and simply throwing more trash containers at the problem may not yield the positive results that your business is looking for. Determine your current requirements, plan for future changes, and buy the most appropriate models available. This guide will show you how!

Why Indoor Trash Cans Are Important

The most obvious benefit of using indoor trash cans is that they enable your employees and visitors to keep the premises clean. Installing good, quality containers not only means that trash gets properly discarded, but it could also mean that you are able to reduce maintenance and cleaning time. Visitors will be put off by unkempt floors and untidy surfaces, while cleanliness and an eye for detail will be seen as positive attributes.

Not only do piles of trash become an eyesore, but they can also smell and pose a health risk. Piles of waste, especially items like discarded food containers, are not only ugly but they can become a health concern to those in the building. Bacteria can quickly build, the smell can become overbearing, and there is the possibility of a collection of trash attracting unwanted pests. When used properly, and emptied regularly, trash cans can prevent these and other problems.

The modern business is wise to adhere to certain environmental principles, and even if your organization does not have any specific targets to meet, know that your customers and your employees will expect that you are recycling. By providing a combination of general waste and recycling bins, it is possible to make the job of proper recycling much easier.

Choosing The Right Indoor Trash Cans

Recycling And General Waste

There are many varieties of trash can, from the open top waste basket commonly seen in offices to recycling bins that offer separate compartments for items of different materials. Consider the type and amount of waste that your business produces. If you have large amounts of waste paper, considerable piles of kitchen waste, or the majority of your trash is general waste, then use these factors to guide the ratio of standard and recycling trash cans that you buy.

Maintenance And Care

Choose strong and robust bins. Items not only tend to be thrown into bins, but they have a tendency to get moved and even kicked around. Ornate trash cans can be appealing in lobby and public areas, but be aware of any maintenance that might be required to ensure that they continue to look their best.

The Question Of Quantity

Consider the number and size of trash cans that you currently have. If recycling bins are left empty for long periods of time, while the general waste bins are filled to overflowing as soon as they are emptied, then buy fewer recycling bins and more general waste containers. If a single area has bins that fill more quickly than other areas, consider larger trash cans for that area too. Ideally, every bin will fill at the same time, and this will coincide with your cleaning and bin emptying schedule.

Different Applications Need Different Solutions

Consider the placement and application of the trash cans that you buy. Kitchen bins should have a lid, office bins should be small and discreet, while trash cans for public places need to be decorative and attractive. The kitchen is also one area where there is commonly a requirement for additional recycling disposal.

Material Choices

The right material will ensure that a trash can lasts for years, continues to look as good as new, and that it will not require too much maintenance or care. While outdoor trash cans may require size and weight to prevent theft, this is less of a concern for indoor models.

Metal, such as stainless steel, is robust and sturdy, requires no regular maintenance, and will not crumple or break when loaded with items of trash. Plastic models are more economical, but less durable than metal, which may or may not be an issue depending on usage. Other materials, such as wood, can be used but these materials should only be chosen for ornate models – wood can be difficult to keep bacteria free and clean.

Good Looking Trash Cans

Many people think of trash cans as being purely functional, and therefore ignore how they will look, but if you have spent a considerable budget on having your office or other premises decorated to a high standard, then an ugly trash can may spoil this look and leave a negative impression.

Do consider the look and aesthetic appeal of some of the trash cans that you buy. In particular, those bins that will be used in public areas such as a lobby, reception area, or waiting area, should be chosen for their good looks as well as their practicality and functionality. Polished metal bins have a modern look to them, while waste paper style trash cans are more traditional, and stone or wood should be chosen to match a specific style that is utilized in the area where the trash can will be placed.

Accessibility and Ease of Use

As well as ensuring that the trash cans and recycling bins you buy are functional and attractive, you should ensure that they are good quality and easy to use. Those trash cans with lids and self-contained bags should be easy to access, without leaving the possibility of trash being strewn on the floor. Individuals waste baskets should be easy to move around, and all models should be made to a high quality to ensure that you don’t need to keep replacing them.

Buying Indoor Trash Cans

Trash cans play a functional role within any building or premises, and you need to choose those models that combine the functionality, ease of use, and even the look that your business demands. Trash Cans Unlimited has a large and varied selection of general waste trash cans and recycling bins for businesses to choose from, made to a high quality and offering all the benefits that you need. Browse our selection online or contact us today for assistance in choosing the best indoor trash cans for your property.

Our Expert Facility Managers’ Top Picks

Here are some of our recommendations based on years of our own experience, what other customers buy for given uses, and what we have learned over the phone helping people:

Ideal Indoor Trash Cans for Office Buildings


Large Indoor Metal Office Wastebaskets


33 Gallon Painted Metal Waste Receptacle


Deskside Indoor Steel Office Waste Baskets


25 Gallon Stainless Steel Colored Trash Cans


4 Gallon Executive Round Steel Wastebaskets


Imprinted Swivel Lid Stainless Steel Trash Can


29 Gallon Half Round Trash Can with Hinged Lid


33 Gallon Satin Stainless Steel Waste Receptacle


Mount Everest Commercial Funnel Top Trash Can


13 Gallon Stainless Steel Skinny Trash Receptacle


Half Round Side Opening Trash Can with Hinged Lid


22 Gallon Slender Stainless Steel Trash Container with Lid


Satin Aluminum 11 Gallon C1566SA Flat Top Trash Receptacle


Value 23 Gallon Metal Recycling Trash Can in 29 Available Finishes with 4 Recycling Choices


The Best Indoor Trash Cans For Industrial Environments


42 Gallon Square Plastic Garbage Can


19 Gallon Square Rigid Trash Can Liner


40 Gallon Plastic Rectangular Trash Can



22 Gallon Round Plastic Waste Container


30 Gallon Indoor Littermate Garbage Can


Cleanline 20 Gallon Stainless Steel Trash Can


24 Gallon Aluminum Trash Container Open Top


30 Gallon Indoor Hexagon Plastic Garbage Can


Stadium Series 10 Gallon Stainless Steel Trash Container


Witt Industries 4 gallon and 7 gallon Step-On Receptacles


Stadium Series 35 Gallon Painted or Stainless Steel Trash Container


Kolor Can 20 Gallon Open Top Indoor Outdoor Square Office Trash Container


The Best Indoor Trash Cans for Malls, Hotels, and Universities


18 Gallon Painted Steel Designer Trash Can


18 Gallon Painted Steel Cafe Top Trash Can


18 Gallon Stainless Steel Flat Top Trash Can


18 Gallon Painted Steel Decorative Trash Can


18 Gallon Stainless Steel Cafe Top Trash Can


30 Gallon StoneTec Indoor Decorative Trash Container


Floor Standing Sanitizing Wipe Dispenser 3 Designer Colors


Venue Collection - coordinating RECYCLING & TRASH Receptacles


Stainless Steel 36 Gallon Swing Top Waste Receptacle 1511HTSS


Riverview 25 Gallon Stainless Steel Metal Indoor Outdoor Trash Can


The Right Indoor Trash Can for Restaurants and Lobbies


15 Gallon Allure Stainless Steel Trash Can


12 Gallon Metal Push Door Dome Top Trash Can


9 Gallon Designer Half Round Indoor Receptacles


15 Gallon Steel Open Dome Top Trash Can 6 Colors




35 Gallon Silver Vein Granite Large Trash Receptacle


14 Gallon Space Saving Half Round Indoor Trash Can


25 Gallon Imprinted Open Lid Stainless Steel Trash Can


Glaro Metal Recycling Trash Can in 29 Available Finishes


15 Gallon Steel Push Door Dome Top Trash Can 6 Colors


Satin Aluminum 33 Gallon F2035SA Funnel Top Trash Receptacle


Monarch Series 15 Gallon Open Top Dome Waste Receptacle 415DT-44 Chrome


The Optimal Indoor Trash Cans for Residential Buildings


11 Gallon Round Plastic Wastebasket


12 Quart Plastic Kitchen Wastebasket


15 Quart Vanity Kitchen Wastebasket


28 Quart Carver Hardwood Wastebasket


20 Quart Rectangular Kitchen Wastebasket


13 Gallon Painted Swing Top Waste Receptacle


36 Quart Open Top Kitchen Wastebasket 3 Colors

13 Quart Carver Hardwood Desk Side Wastebasket

13 Gallon Metal Step On Open Dome Top Trash Can


30 Quart Replacement Under Counter Kitchen Wastebasket


35 Quart Replacement Under Counter Kitchen Wastebasket


12 Gallon Stainless Steel Step On Multi Kitchen Recycle Bin


Stainless Steel 13 Gallon Swing Top Waste Receptacle 1311HTSS


A Quick Introduction to Indoor Trash Cans

What is an indoor trash can?

Indoor trash cans are essentially purpose-built trashcans just for indoor locations. They reduce litter, prevent litterbugs, and keep garbage away from areas where they might bother others.

What kinds of indoor trash cans are there?

Commercial Indoor Trash Cans

42 Gallon All Season Square Plastic Outdoor Garbage Can with Dome Lid Black

Commercial indoor trash cans have become extremely popular in the last few years for their durability, color options, fire safety, and ease of emptying for office workers. These are particularly useful if local regulations make indoor trash can placement difficult.

Designer & Decorative Indoor Trash Cans






Concrete outdoor trash cans are the type of trash cans you are most familiar with. They are the classic look and type of trashcan that most people think of when it comes to garbage cans. While they have grown more popular in recent years with the advent of more materials and technology, this is still the dominant type of outdoor trash can many establishments, particularly commercial businesses, will look for.

Metal & Steel Indoor Trash Cans






While these are still common in many parts of the country, the popularity of metal and steel indoor trash cans has increased in recent years. The benefits of steel trash cans are that you are assured that they will last for a long time while remaining asthetically pleaseing to the eye. The downside is that they dent or scratch compared to plastic indoor trash cans.


Thanks for reading this guide. We hope it provided you with all the information you need to select the perfect indoor trash can for your facility. Please let us know if you have any questions. Over the past 10 years, we’ve helped hundreds of people make their public spaces clean and safe with proper trash cans. Let us know how we can help you find the perfect indoor trash can today.