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Disinfecting Wipe Dispensers

Order Disinfecting Wipe Dispensers for Gyms & Public Health

Public awareness of how germs are transmitted from person to person has popularized the use of disinfectant wipes and sanitizing dispensers which help prevent the spread of germs. Antibacterial wipes are utilized to disinfect and sanitize nonporous surfaces which have been proven to be essential for preventing the spread of germs and controlling dust. They are commonly utilized in high and low traffic areas, in private and public facilities, such as bathrooms, airports, train stations, bus depots, restrooms, nursery schools, food service facilities, health clubs, spas, doctors’ offices, laboratories, physical therapy centers, hair, nail and tanning salons, retail stores, hospitals, assisted living centers, offices, manufacturing plants, cruise ships, gyms, breweries, restaurants, and supermarkets.

Keep Customers & the Public Safe With Disinfecting Wipes

By strategically placing the Disinfecting Wipe dispensers in the most convenient, easy to find, locations, they will be noticed and used more frequently. Employees and visitors value efforts to create a healthier environment with less risk of cross contamination.