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Outfitting your commercial property with proper trash cans helps keep your business clean, but these containers can end up becoming a problem if they’re not regularly cleaned or maintained. If you’ve ended up with something off-putting like maggots, bad odors, stains and grime, or animal and pest control problems, it might be time to explore cleaning services. 

Odors from food and other items can build up inside an unclean trash can, which can create an unpleasant environment for employees and customers. Having dirty trash cans around could also pose a health and safety risk due to bacteria or mold growth.You can address these problems while saving time and money by cleaning your trash cans yourself or you could hire a commercial trash can cleaning service. 

If you’ve been struggling to clean a dumpster, remove urine odor from trash cans, maintain stainless steel trash cans, or cleaning trash cans without a hose, it’s worth considering hiring a professional cleaning service. 

Why Cleaning Trash Cans is Important

Regularly cleaning garbage cans is important to people’s health, and a business’ reputation. Not doing so can have serious consequences including but not limited to:

  • Breeds Bacteria and Viruses -Garbage cans become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses if not cleaned regularly, causing illness and  infection to spread.

  • Attracts Vermin and Pests - Dirty, smelly trash cans attract vermin and pests, like rats, flies, and cockroaches.They pose a risk of spreading diseases.

  • Air Pollution - Garbage cans and containers not cleaned regularly leave bad odors that permeate the surrounding area.

  • Additional Costs - Employee sick days, loss of reputation, and replacing damaged trash cans all come at a cost that could be prevented by more frequent or thorough cleaning.

If people spot unsightly messes, smell disgusting odors, or notice pest infestations, they won't trust your ability to maintain other areas of your business, and your reputation will suffer.

How Often Should Trash Cans Be Cleaned?

When using this type of service for your company’s trash cans, you should schedule cleanings about once a week, especially if your business produces large amounts of garbage or if your trash cans are exposed to outdoor elements like excessive heat or rain.  

You’ll need a cleaning service less often by using the right trash cans to properly dispose of waste. By separating waste such as recyclables, compostables, and garbage into different containers, you have fewer trash cans that need cleaning, and less frequently because of the reduced capacity due to distributing the waste. In addition, trash bags, trash can liners, and lids cover and seal garbage bins to protect them from damage and mess.

How Much Do Trash Can Cleaning Services Cost?

The prices for each commercial trash can cleaning service vary depending on the company you choose, geographical location, and the type and number of trash cans. In general, many companies charge a flat fee for one can and reduced fees for each additional trash container. Some companies might offer reduced rates if you sign a contract with them for ongoing service, such as a 6 or 12 month period. 

According to Bin Wash Systems, the most common services are a one time cleaning, a monthly service, and a bi-monthly service. Average prices per can for a one time cleaning range from $20-$30, while monthly services range from $8-$12 per can, and a bi-monthly service averages $12-$15 per can. Given this example, you can reasonably expect to pay an average of $10/per can cleaned, though that will vary depending on the company you hire. 


What Do Commercial Trash Can Cleaning Services Do?

Many commercial trash can cleaning services will offer both residential and commercial trash can cleaning. Before agreeing to a contract, you’ll need to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable company that uses the right types of equipment and provides the services you need. Good trash can cleaning companies use the following:

  • High-pressure and high-temperature equipment to thoroughly clean each can

  • Antibacterial cleaning detergents to get rid of germs and ensure that cans are safe and hygienic

  • Deodorizing products to eliminate odors and help prevent new ones from building up inside each can

In addition to considering services and prices when selecting a commercial trash can cleaning services, consider their environmental impact. Similarly to car washes and other cleaning facilities, they use large quantities of water, and large quantities of chemicals. The water runoff from these kinds of facilities can contaminate our lakes, rivers, oceans, and soils. That’s why it’s important to select services that are environmentally conscious. Look for businesses with accreditation and reputable seals of approval, such as Green Seal. 

Specialty Waste Cleaning Services 

Different types of facilities are going to have different cleaning needs. If you dispose of a biohazard or medical waste, you must handle the disposal and cleaning procedures differently and use a specialty cleaning service. 

If you use biohazard step cans or medical trash cans and disposal receptacles that are suited to disposing of hazardous waste, you need a special disposal and cleaning service.

If you’re disposing of or recycling oil, a cleaning service may or may not be able to clean it, which is why it’s best to have separate disposal containers

How Can I Find a Reliable Trash Can Cleaning Service?

If you’ve never used a commercial cleaning service before, take time to find one with a solid reputation. There are several franchises and nationwide cleaning companies available, as well as locally owned companies. You can also contact the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association or the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration for recommendations. When choosing a cleaning service, it’s important to look for ones that are certified. This helps ensure that you’re dealing with a professional company that will provide quality service.

What Are Some Commercial Trash Can Cleaning Services?

The following companies offer commercial trash can cleaning services in different parts of the United States. Every area in the United States will have some regional experts and specialists by industry but here are a couple to get you started:


Filth2Freshis located in Hartford County Connecticut, provides eco-friendly commercial dumpster and residential cleaning and disposal for businesses.  They focus on cleaning dumpsters, usually charging around $135-200 per cleaning of an individual dumpster. 

Tidy Trash Bins

This family-owned businessin Rock County, Wisconsin specializes in garbage & recycle bin cleaning services. Depending on the size of the bins in question, they offer monthly, bi-monthly, and one-time cleanings starting at $25 a cleaning.

OC Clean a Can

OC Clean a Cancleans commercial cans and dumpsters throughout the Orange County, California area. They specialize in providing eco-friendly cleaning and can accommodate dumpsters that are as large as 3 yards.

VIP Bin Cleaning

VIP Bin Cleaningis a franchise company that offers commercial cleaning services throughout the U.S. and other countries. Each locally owned franchise has its own commercial cleaning unit that effectively removes waste and odors from bins, cans, and dumpsters.

Sparkle Cans

Sparkle Cansis a family-owned business cleans commercial trash cans and bins throughout Riverside County, California using state-of-the-art equipment and non-toxic products for sanitizing and deodorizing.

Mr. Clean-a-Can

Mr. Clean-a-Canstarted cleaning residential and commercial trash cans in the Nicholasville, Kentucky area and expanded to additional cities and municipalities. They take pride in their vehicles that emit no contaminants into storm drains, which helps reduce runoff pollution in rivers and oceans.

Ace Recycling & Disposal

Ace Recycling & Disposal is a family-owned business since 1980 serving multiple cities in the Salt Lake County area. In addition to trash can cleaning, they also provide recycling and waste disposal services for businesses.

Trash Cans Unlimited for Your Business

No matter what type of business you run or what kind of commercial facility you operate in, making sure your trash cans are clean is an important part of providing a safe and pleasant environment for your employees and customers. Look into hiring a commercial trash can cleaning service in your area to keep your trash containers in good condition.

If your trash cans are beyond cleaning and repair, Trash Cans Unlimited has you covered. Whether you’re looking to make cleaning easier for yourself by upgrading your bins to a more deluxe option or if you’re just looking to improve the overall appearance and hygiene of your trash cans, we’re here to help. If you want to make it easier on the cleaning services, get separate bins for separate waste so they won’t get as dirty and require less cleaning more infrequently, we’re the place to turn to. You can start browsing our products today, or learn more by navigating our massive knowledge database on our blog