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Hands Free Trash Cans

Indoor Hands Free Trash Cans

Hands-free trash cans are a simple and convenient trash solution for disposing of garbage. Not to mention, it’s certainly much more sanitary to keep your hands from coming into contact with a trash container. Hands-free trash cans offer the perfect solution for health-conscious kitchens, offices, businesses, and more. Trashcans Unlimited offers the best hands-free trash cans on the market. No matter what style or model of trash can you’re looking for, you can find it at the web’s finest trash can supplier. Hands-free trash cans are designed with “touchless” technology which opens the lid automatically when sensors are triggered. One try and you’ll feel like you’re living in the future! Many models are made with sleek, steel exteriors with complimentary black finishes. Less technical hands-free trash cans include toe-tap models and wide-opening designs. Whatever you choose, hands-free trash cans offer a more sanitary approach to trash disposal. Browse the many options below and start experiencing the convenience of a hands-free trash can today.