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GeoCube Recycling Bins

Geocube Recycling Receptacles

If you are searching for high quality, stylish, affordable recycling and trash bins for your property, GeoCube Recycling Bins provide colorful, mix-and-match options in four different sizes to meet the needs of any location. These study, compact, fire-proof steel bins are clearly labeled to assist in proper sorting of recycled materials and come with your choice of one of four openings on top.

Witt Industries GeoCubes are a great way to add a decorative recycling receptacle to your office recycling program. Many sizes and recycling options to choose from. Sizes range from small to an extra large recycling bin. With options for all your recyclables your sure to find the perfect recycling container to meet your needs. A Witt Geo Cube is great as a School recycling bin as they are made of steel and the metal tops are durable. They look great, are highly functionable and the price is right! Grab a Witt Industries Geo Cube recycling trash can today.

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