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How To Choose Trash Cans for Condos


Condominiums are designed with detail in mind. Any condo builder or manager knows that the key to a well functioning complex is to always make the residents and guest experience the top priority.

One detail that is often overlooked in condo complexes is the availability and placement of trash cans. Every resident and guest that passes through at one time or another will need an appropriate place to dispose of trash. Make sure you provide the perfect trash solution they are looking for in every area of your facility.

From entryways to parking lots, providing the ideal trash disposal opportunity takes into account location, foot traffic, maintenance needs, and more. Learn how to design your condo complex trash system for optimum guest and resident experience.

How To Choose Trash Cans for Condos


Outdoor Entryways (A)

Outdoor entranceways create the best first impression of a condo complex for residents and guests. Finding a trashcan that matches the beauty of your space, holds the right capacity, keeps garbage in the right place, and can stand the test of time, is an often overlooked key to maintaining the best possible reputation.

Recommended Models:

Precision Series Trashcans are sleek, stainless steel trash solutions that project a modern, clean look. Any high quality stainless steel trashcan works well for a variety of modern looking entranceways, and will weather well in reasonably covered areas.

Glaro Dome Top Trashcans offer the added benefit of receptacle covers to help retain odors and unsightly trash, as well as keep contents protected from weather elements. Trashcans with covers are available in dome or canopy styles for in modern and classically styled condominiums.

Outdoor Public Areas (B)

For outdoor public areas, such as those along sidewalks or close to parking lots, it’s important to have rugged trash cans that can withstand adverse weather conditions as well as public use.

Also consider how often your maintenance staff will be required to empty outdoor trashcans. It may be beneficial to use models with higher volume capacities to allow for less frequent maintenance.

Recommended Models:

Dome Top Lid Outdoor Concrete Garbage Cans have been the classic outdoor look for years at a variety of facilities. You’ll recognize their rugged, textured contente style instantly.

Ultra Square Faux Wood Trash Cans are another great outdoor option that feature stylish faux wood panels in a variety of colors.

Don’t forget about recycling options! Be sure to do your part for the environment by offering your residents and guests the opportunity to use Outdoor City Recycling Cans, available in a variety of styles and materials.

Facility Grounds (C)

Facility grounds, such as walkways, paths, and other public areas, are prime locations for trash cans. Many guests and residents will pass through these areas daily, so it’s important to provide trash options with a higher capacity and a sophisticated style.

Recommended Models:

Poly Concrete Containers feature an attractive stone finish and an elegant touch. They’re available in a variety of stonewashed colors, shapes, and lid configurations to meet your building’s standards.

Formal Meeting Rooms (D)

When it comes to formal setting within buildings, such as conference or meeting rooms, you’ll want to select trashcans that fit the internal decor and feel of your space. Obviously you don’t know what kind of usage areas will get in advance, but it’s best to make sure that common areas where meetings or business could be conducted are suitable enough for a variety of situations.

Recommended Models:

Consider the sophisticated and timeless style of Wood Wastebaskets. These square or round trash containers come in a variety of hardwood colors to add a touch of class to your meeting space.

Of course, Dome Top Chrome Receptacles offer a polished style in a slender cylinder shape that would be perfect for rooms only used occasionally.

Lobbies (E)

Condo lobbies are perhaps the biggest opportunity to make a good impression on residents and guests. It’s a high traffic area that just about every person on site passes through. It’s also the first area that potential residents will visit, so it’s crucial to set the tone for the entire building’s standards.

Recommended Models:

Half Round Trash Cans are perfect for placing against a lobby wall. Their rounded edges and flat backing allow for more traffic to pass through without sacrificing the need for a trash receptacle.

Also consider Office Wastebaskets available in a variety of styles. These trashcans are available in stainless steel with dome tops, push doors, and hinged lids to keep trash out of sight and out of mind.

Outdoor Smoking Areas (F)

Despite best efforts, certain parts of condo buildings might get some unwanted smoker traffic. Whether for staff, guests, residents, or members of the public, condos need to provide a place for smokers to keep the entrance of the building clean and free of cigarette waste. Fortunately, there is a great selection of ashtrays and trashcans that don’t create an eyesore.

Recommended Models:

Concrete ashtrays are durable enough to be placed outside, and stylish enough not to attract unwanted attention. In fact, some concrete ashtrays are designed to look like pottery or pillars to blend in with the building’s environment.

For something bold to attract people attention we recommend a combination sand and trashcan ashtray that is designed to contain cigarette waste as well as trash.

Another nice option is a Wall Mounted ashtray, which will draw smokers attention but be discreet enough to keep other guests undisturbed. For something even more discreet, check out the Standing Metal Value Ashtray for the smallest, skinniest option.

Parking Lots (G)

Generally, for the depths of your parking lot we recommend getting a heavy duty plastic or concrete trashcan. This will keep your parking lot clean, while making sure vandals have a tough time damaging or stealing your property.

Recommended Models:

Trash solutions by Wausau Tile are reliable options available in concrete, plastic, or metal.

Parking lots are also a good-place for heavier outdoor ashtrays and cigarette receptacles. While weather will determine whether a smokeless model or a sand one will work well for you, having a large capacity model that is visible, and has to be emptied rarely, will keep both ground crews and guests happy.

Maintenance Areas (H)

Every experienced facility manager know that when it comes to your janitorial closet and on-site maintenance staff, nothing helps more than having a heavy duty trash can on hand. Especially given the fact that janitors may drag around larger cans and empty smaller ones into them, it’s important to make sure they have some durable tools available when they need them.

Recommended Models:

Rubbermaid’s Round Refuse Container gets the job done at a 44-gallon capacity and strong, long-lasting features.

For added convenience, check out the 45-gallon Roughneck Wheeled Refuse Container complete with heavy duty wheels for easy transport.

Isolated Outdoor Areas (I)

The further away an area is from main conveniences within a building, the more important it is to have bolder trashcans that will stand out and grab people's attention.

Recommended Models:

Metal Mesh Street Wastebaskets come in a variety of colors that stand out in any environment. These containers will be sure to catch attention when they’re needed, while still maintaining a sleek, clean look.

High Traffic Outdoor Areas (J)

It’s crucial to make sure that high traffic areas have trash cans that will have the proper filling capacity. This will assure that you aren’t dealing with overflow issues on the premises and that janitors can maintain a continuous schedule. Especially near pool areas, or where people congregate, it’s important to have sturdy yet stylish trash can that can stand the test of time and keep guests happy. Furthermore, it can be useful to get trashcans with outdoor lids to keep pests like wasps away from residents and guests.

Recommended Models:

Concave Concrete Outdoor Trash Cans are a classic choice available in a variety of weatherstone colors and textures. They also include a push lid for extra protection.

Concrete trash cans are also available in more decorative models such as the Funnel Top Decorative Waste Container or the Square Concrete Outdoor Trash Receptacle which resembles an elegant column. Square Concrete Outdoor Trash Receptacle

Plastic Trash Cans are also a great and budget-friendly option for high traffic outdoor areas.

The Best Trash Cans for Condos

There are so many options when selecting trash cans for condo complexes. Each area of your facility needs a trash solution that serves a unique purpose. From high-traffic areas to lonely back parking lots, make sure the needs of your staff, residents, and guests are always met with stylish and dependable trash solutions.