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Galvanized Trash Cans: Heavy Duty Metal Garbage Can

Galvanized Trash Cans: Heavy Duty Metal Garbage Can

Posted by Trash Cans Unlimited on 26th Apr 2010

Steel Galvanized Garbage Cans

Galvanized Garbage Cans

Galvanized trash cans are a great product for outside trash containment. Available in a variety of sizes and strengths its easy to find just the one you need. The smaller garbage pails are perfect for storing birdseed, hot coals, or even ice melt salt for the winter season. With the tight fitting lids they can keep out critters from getting inside and their weight keeps them from being knocked over by animals or inclement weather.

Galvanized trash cans are available in 3 different steel thicknesses depending on usage. Light Duty for general use, Medium Duty for commercial use, and Heavy Duty for Industrial use. The heavy duty cans are virtually indestructible and will last forever resisting dents and any other extreme punishment they are delivered.