"I've bought cheap trashcans for as long as I can remember. My wife  finally pursueded me to spend a little more for the stainless steel touchless. What a difference the motion sensor makes. I dont even have to touch it, it opens automatically!"
Richard F.
Equinunk, PA

"The country wood trash can with the hinged top beautifully complements my kitchen decor, and it came so fast! Thank you Trashcans Unlimited!"
Barbara S.
Staten Island, NY

"I just opened my bar last year, and I was able to take care of all my trash can needs in one place. Small cans for the restrooms, larger, stylish cans around the bar, as well as an ashtray receptacle at the front door. Great service, great selection!"
Kevin E.
Scranton, PA

"Who knew a trash can could cause such excitement. These touchless cans are awesome! I bought one for almost every room in the house. And the price is the lowest around. Perfect in every way. Thanks again Trashcans Unlimited!"
Shawn B.
St Louis, MO

"I like everything in my home to be unique. Even the wastebaskets have to have style. Wicker, stainless steel, touchless, even the hard to find wood styles. Trashcans Unlimited had it all! I will definately be back!"
Virginia M.
Jacksonville, FL

Just wanted to let you know I received my Amish Trash Can and it is beautiful. Definitely worth the wait! Thanks for everything.
Dewina C.
Concord, NH

I received my BEAUTIFUL amish wood wastebasket last night!  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It's a work of art for trash! Thank you - so worth the wait!
Athena K.
Gladstone, NJ

I have an iTouchless can and bought a Nine Stars as an extra trash can. Indeed the Nine Stars lid appears to be superior to the iTouchless. There seems to be a dampening feature as the lid closes... bringing it to a near stop just before it drops shut. To me this simple difference might allow the mechanism to last longer. That's good. When my iTouchless can dies, I can tell you I'm going with Nine Stars all the way. A much superior design and mechanism based on my first three months of use. I have to say I'm hooked on my no touch garbage can.
Thank you, sincerely, Charles L.
Charlottesville, VA

Our cans arrived much sooner than expected and they look great! Thank you for the excellent customer service before the sale and the quality products. We are feeling a little silly here about how excited we are over trashcans, but they really are that nice.
Donna Jo M.
St Louis, MO
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