30 Gallon Aluminum Can Crusher Indoor Recycling Station Can Pactor

Aluminum Can Crusher Recycler

Commercial Zone Aluminum Can Crusher Recycler

The CanPactor can hold up to 400 aluminum cans. Made of high density polyethylene, the CanPactor can also be easily cleaned. The CanPactor crushes and self ejects standard aluminum cans into a large waste container. The hand operated crusher of the CanPactor allows you to crush cans with ease. Need a New Crusher?

  • Constructed of durable polyethlylene, wont rust or chip
  • Crushes and stores more than 400 aluminum cans, reducing can volume by 80%
  • Perfect for home recycling needs, as well as schools, offices, parks, or any recycling program   
  • 30 Gallon Capacity
  • Uses 39 Gallon Trash Bags
  • Available in Beige
  • 33in. H x 16in. W x 22in. D
  • Weight 13lbs

  • Product SKU: CZ745102


    Price: $89.95