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How To Clean and Care for Commercial Trashcans

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Commercial Trash Cans

If you own, manage or maintain a commercial property, your trash cans aren't just trash cans. In addition to giving your guests and staff a hygienic way to dispose of their waste, trash cans are also an integral part of your professional reputation. They affect everything from your customers' opinions to your ability to pass health inspections. If your business serves food, provides medical services, or receives a high volume of foot traffic every day, it's especially important to stay on top of your trash can cleaning regimen.

Maintain your reputation

Most people don't associate trash cans with cleanliness. After all, they're receptacles that are designed to hold all your dirtiest, grossest, and most hazardous waste. However, it's both possible and important to keep them as clean as possible at all times. People see, touch, and smell the external parts of your trash cans every day, but the insides are far more contaminated, and it's just as important to clean those too.

If you neglect your trash can maintenance, you'll invite the following risks into your business:

●Bad odors that permeate the surrounding area

●Viruses and infections that spread more quickly

●Pests (such as rats, fruit flies, and cockroaches) that are attracted to odors and spills

●Additional costs of replacing damaged trash cans

Of course, all of these also lead to the biggest risk of all: making a poor impression on your customers and visitors. If people spot unsightly messes, smell disgusting odors, or notice pest infestations, they won't trust your ability to maintain other areas of your business.

Eliminate stains and spills

Even if your commercial property doesn't sell or serve food, there's a good chance that someone will use your trash cans to dispose of their loose drinks and snacks. Inspect your commercial trash cans frequently for spills, splashes, and crumbs.

It’s best to check them often so that the substances don't have a chance to permanently stain your trash, attract pests, or cause foul buildup. Periodic power washing is the most effective way to remove buildup, but spot cleaning is sufficient if you notice problems right away.

Fight germs

Every single item in a commercial trash can contains germs from the person who threw it away, but pests and wind carry new germs that may stick to porous surfaces. Employee sick days cost money, and regular customers will stay home if they get sick, so stop germs in their tracks instead of incurring these additional costs. Always use antibacterial soap to scrub the outside and inside of each trash can, in order to stop the spread of diseases and prevent fungus and bacteria from multiplying inside it.

Remove odors

Deodorize your trash cans with fragrant bags, odor-absorbing powders, and cleaning solutions that are designed to eliminate traces of odor. If your trash cans are made of porous materials like plastic or acrylic, scrub the outside as thoroughly as possible to loosen any odorous particles.

Tips for Outdoor and Indoor Trash cans

Outdoor trash cans are particularly vulnerable to pests, precipitation and other contaminants, but indoor trash cans need thorough and regular cleaning too. Make sure outdoor trash cans are covered at all times — either by an attached lid or overhead shelter — but don't lower your cleaning standards for indoor bins.

Prevent future problems

Frequent cleaning of your trash cans with mild soap and water or glass cleaner and a cotton cloth is recommended. Cleaning is easier when you've taken precautions to prevent contamination. After washing trash cans, make sure they're bone-dry before replacing the liner and bag. Leftover moisture may lead to mold and mildew growth, and plastic bags create a greenhouse effect that traps water particles and prevents evaporation.

The following is a list of common conditions that cause corrosion or discoloration of steel and should be avoided:

●Chloride containing cleansers – this includes bleach and any bleach containing cleaners

●Muriatic acid (hydrochloric acid) – commonly used to clean up after tile/concrete installation

●Concentrated soap residue – chemical additives will cause discoloration and some dried soaps actually look like rust

●Water with high iron content – can leave a rusty residue, especially if allowed to drip continuously

●Contact with iron materials – including steel wool, machining chips, and iron residue/dust from installation or cleaning of other steel products

●Trapped moisture between the product and another object – rubber mats, metal cans of soaps or cleaners

●Salts – contain chlorides

When you maintain a frequent and thorough cleaning schedule for outdoor and indoor trash cans on your commercial property, you ensure that your facility is safe, clean, and welcoming. With proper maintenance, your trash cans will maintain its luster and appearance for many years. Keep your customers and guests coming back to your business by taking pride in your building’s safety and cleanliness.

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